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Advanced Placement 

College Now of Greater Cleveland

Dual Enrollment & Post Secondary Enrollment Option




Schedules for the 2014-2015 school year will be mailed to students' homes in mid-August.




Steps to Applying to College

1. Many colleges prefer that you apply online. A paper application can be downloaded from the college's website. Some schools accept the Common Application.

2. Follow application directions carefully. Complete only the student part of the application. Print neatly in ink or type.

3. Request an official transcript from the Guidance Secretary by completing the Transcript/Recommendation Request form for each college. The Transcript Request form now has the parent signature included and needs their signature so we can release your transcript when requested.
If you are over 18, you may sign your own form.

  a. Attach the application (if not applying online)   and the transcript fee.
      There is a $4.00 transcript fee per application. 
      No fee for Scholarship transcripts. 
  b. Give these to the Guidance Secretary.
  c. Allow 10-14 school days for the transcript to be sent to the college

Letters of Recommendation 

Students are to ask their teacher to write a  recommendation if the college requires a recommendation using school letterhead. (Some schools may require more than 1 Teacher Recommendation).
Student should check the college's admissions checklist.

Some college applications require individual teachers to submit a letter of recommendation using their specific forms. Students are responsible for submitting the form to the teacher and are responsible for making these arrangements with the teacher.

Students need to notify the Guidance office if the Teacher:
1)  will be submitting the recommendation to the Guidance Dept. to be sent with the transcript or
2)) will be submitting themselves.
A copy of the recommendation letter should be kept in the student's file in the Guidance office.

Some schools require an essay to accompany the application. This gives the admission committee a sense of the applicant's writing ability and provides insight into the student. The essay should address the topic clearly and honestly. Also ask a teacher or parent to proof your essay.

Letter of Recommendation/Worksheet for Counselor

Complete and return to guidance A LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION WORKSHEET. Your counselor will use the information about you as they write a letter of recommendation to be sent with the college application.

Watch Deadlines!
 - Colleges do not accept late applications.
 - Sign your application.
 - Follow all instructions carefully. Each college has its own set of instructions and requirements.

Please allow the Guidance Dept. 2 weeks to process your applications.

 Common Application :
 If the college you are applying to requires the Common Application the following instructions are to be used for the application process: 

  • Student applies online @
  • Student Invites teachers who will be writing recommendation letters and counselor online via Common App site
  • Counselors go into the website and "Opt Out" of completing the "School Report" online.
  • Teachers can submit letters of recommendation online via Common App site
  • The student will need to download the School Report Form, complete his or her portion of the form and turn it in with the Transcript Request form to Mrs. Diamond in the Guidance Office.



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